Alexa Bliss Cardboard Cutout

She’s 5 feet of fury, with an attitude to boot! Don’t let her petite stature or sweet looks fool you, this feisty 5-time RAW and SmackDown Women’s champion is all-business inside and outside the ring. Defending her title in the first-ever women’s Elimination Chamber match and becoming Ms. Money in the Bank, it’s clear you don’t mess with ‘Little Miss Bliss’! Celebrate Alexa with this awesome life-size cutout!

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Superstar Stat’s:

Height: 5’1

Hometown: Columbus, Ohio

Signature move: Twisted Bliss

Fun Facts:

Did you know? Alexa used to be a competitive bodybuilder!

Did you know? Alexa’s real name is Alexis Kaufman!

Entrance Video:

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