WWE Championship Replica Belt Review

If you’re a WWE fan, there’s nothing cooler than owning your own WWE title belt, especially the most coveted prize in all of sports entertainment, the WWE World Heavyweight Title!

OK, so it might not be the real deal, but it’s the next best thing! Whether you’re looking to treat yourself  or buy for a loved one, find out how the belt stacks up in our hands-on review below.


There’s no denying it, this is a good looking belt. It’s modeled and crafted to the exact specifications of the real WWE title and genuinely looks like the real thing. The zinc-alloy metal plates, while hollow, are thick and look sharp. The side plates are also fully removable, giving you the option to swap out the standard design for those of your favorite Superstar to give it a more personalized look.

The in-laid ‘jewels’ also look great. They are neatly done and really give the belt a real ‘bling’ factor. Unfortunately, these rhinestones appear to be plastic (not crystal). Finally, you protective WWE zip lock bag to protect your title, which is handy for when you’re traveling.



The simulated leather strap, actually made from Polyurethane, is a huge improvement over previous replicas and now has more “flop” and isn’t as rigid, which is great. Worn over the shoulder or around the waist, the strap is comfortable. The fasteners used to secure the belt can be a little tough/fiddly, but will snap into place with the right pressure applied. I find it easiest to put the belt on backwards, then just spin it around to the front once fastened. Otherwise, get a friend or family member to help you.

Weighing in at over 5lbs, the belt is quite heavy and can get tiring, especially if you’re lugging it around all day. For that reason, if you’re buying for a child, WWE has a kids version of the same belt which you can view here.


While the majority of consumers have been happy with their purchase, there are some customer reviews which have highlighted issues with the belt. Namely, the loosening and falling out of the small jewels used for decoration. The manufacturer typically includes a small packet of extra jewels in the belt bag, but this is something to be aware of, especially with shipping and handling. There are also some reports of ‘scuff’ marks and discoloration of the metals. Naturally, if your belt is defective or you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact your customer service representative.


This replica WWE title belt is one of the premiere items offered by WWE which is reflected in the price. At $400, it isn’t cheap, but if you’re after an official WWE title belt that’s a step above the commemtorviatce plastics belts, which you can can wear, get signed, take to events, show off to friends and proudly display, this belt fits the bill. An ideal birthday or Christmas gift, this is a must-have for any WWE fan.